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My name is Ece. I started learning art of photo at 1998 while I was in the high school, and used it by working for press. At 2000, I was accepted to one of the best fine art academy of Turkey, which is Mimar Sinan University, faculty of photography. At 2003, I started my professional career in photograph agency which is well-known in Turkey. We had projects of Bosch, Ford, Real markt, etc. I worked as studio photographer, still life and fashion photographer. After I moved to Belgium, I like to direct the way of my photograph style to a more natural, without artificial lights, focused on instant shots, happy moments of people. While you are having the first excitement of being a parent, I like to photograph you with the miracle you gave birth to. I like to take the photos of your family, kids or pregnancy period. In my photos, I will use the light in your emotions instead of artificial lights. Not only capturing the moments, but also I like to capture an artistic view that will be a meaningful gift to your loved ones.Send me a mail and we can discuss the details. SEND MAIL


Little bird Teoman :)

Teoman is a little bird with beatiful blue eyes.
Very sweet boy :) And mom is like Teo.
I am very pleased to meet teoman and his mom.
And these are the photos we had taken...



Çok tatlılaaaaaaaar!!!!
Ellerine yüreğine sağlın canım arkadaşım benimmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Cihan said...

Ece, portfoyune hamile fotograflari eklemek istersen ben seve seve modellik yaparim :)

a. gizem said...

fotolar cok ozel ece :)
bebişler de ayrı tatlı!

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