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My name is Ece. I started learning art of photo at 1998 while I was in the high school, and used it by working for press. At 2000, I was accepted to one of the best fine art academy of Turkey, which is Mimar Sinan University, faculty of photography. At 2003, I started my professional career in photograph agency which is well-known in Turkey. We had projects of Bosch, Ford, Real markt, etc. I worked as studio photographer, still life and fashion photographer. After I moved to Belgium, I like to direct the way of my photograph style to a more natural, without artificial lights, focused on instant shots, happy moments of people. While you are having the first excitement of being a parent, I like to photograph you with the miracle you gave birth to. I like to take the photos of your family, kids or pregnancy period. In my photos, I will use the light in your emotions instead of artificial lights. Not only capturing the moments, but also I like to capture an artistic view that will be a meaningful gift to your loved ones.Send me a mail and we can discuss the details. SEND MAIL


My Brother

Yes, this handsome man is my brother. And I like to take the photos of him.
Nice shots, Isn`t it?